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Eels way too complacent! Got embarrassed! Reynolds in the form of his life, some of his ball playing is ridiculous! That pass to Walker was first class! Running the ball as well, looking very dangerous! Some of the slickest attacking football I have seen in a long time

  •  Change of game plan ,Non of the players stayed down and see how many metres they gain. They’re going to win the comp Para Nah. Really Naah, they’re missing their best player from last week Ben Cummins
  • Cocky parra fans all carrying on last week because they beat the storms reserve side. Copped it this week. Good riddens
  • Eels were unlucky to go down. Few bad calls from the ref early really swung the game. Shame because the better side on the night didn’t get in front. ANNOYING!
  • I hate saying this with a passion since souths are arch rivals but daymmm south’s look awesome tonight and looks like cody walker has found his form again souths could be the dark horse coming into the finals
  • Parra made South’s look good. Don’t get too excited South’s fans. This is the start of the choke for parra fans. That game says more about how terrible Parra are rather then Souths actually being any good to be fair

Wait till next week against the storm the bunnies be hopping around n out the gate back home with old man Bennett in tow. Well you could see that win coming clearly a mile away when the Wayne train Rabbits shot outta the blocks fast,,,,,, lift off again for the Rabbits from last week against the Eagles, made a statement right here tonight against a top 4 side.

Not sure what’s worse, manly getting a cricket score last week, but that was on the cards with a underperforming reserve grade side.

For those of you repeating the ‘pretenders’ comments….. what? Can’t come up with a new line yourselves??? There’s NO excuse for tonight. Constantly hot & cold makes it very hard being a Parra fan. But please, come up with a better line.

This was one of the most pathetic performance I’ve ever seen this year , and hope it serves as a wake up call.
Kudos to the bunnies for that win and fingers crossed Latrell gets well soon and doesn’t misses finals footy .

I like beer and rugby and maybe 3 people shirt,tank top, hoodie

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