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My neice was given FIFTEEN POUNDS of bacon in their box of food, which they didn’t need and told them they didn’t need, but was told they were going to have to throw the food away if people didn’t take it. EXACTLY … Our President has done so much and never gets any credit from the liberal scum… obama started this BLM race division around 2008 and i see ridiculous tv ads blaming trump for division !! Its almost laughable how dumb libs are. not everything happens right in front of you. it doesn’t mean it is not happening. We are one country, we should be supporting each other, to make America Great. This is not a you against me thing, this is a human kindness thing. And right now, there are many many people suffering because this government is not really caring about “all the people”. And when you don’t care about all the people, you will be next in line one day. “Seventy-three organizations across 33 different states will share grants. Some groups receiving aid are the Camillus House in Miami, Jordan Community Resource Center in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and Alternatives for Girls in Detroit, the AP reported.
Ivanka Trump said that the organizations receiving the Justice Department’s grants “are on the frontlines of this fight,” adding that they ensure “survivors across our country are afforded safe and stable housing and empowered with the support and resources they need to rebuild their lives.”
Survivors and executives of human trafficking resources will be in attendance to highlight the impacts the funding will have on efforts to end trafficking in the United States.”

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