I Hate People Camping shirt, hoodie, v-neck

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Why don’t all you people complaining about her offer , make one of your own to pay the discounted price for someone ?instead of running off at the mouth about how much help she should offer !Her ranch is a business with expenses and a payroll for the employees .

This is so nice of her, she is doing it out of the kindness of her heart!! She didn’t have to do anything at all, why can’t people be happy she’s helping!? This is a different thing to happen but it goes along with the discount… Last June we had a flashflood in our apartment, middle of the night we have to leave our home, it was me, my husband and our 4 year old Daughter and his 16 year old Daughter. We had to walk around the back in flooded water to a boat, my Daughter is still affected by it when it rains. A friend of ours got us to a hotel and they discounted the room for us! We were so grateful for that, we had a dry place to sleep every night, able to take a shower, etc… They kept that discount for us until we moved out in October!! Forever grateful for that, we had no Family here so we had nowhere else to go!! My point is a discount helps more than you think!







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