That’s what I do I drink coffee I hate people and I know things mug


That's what I do I drink coffee I hate people and I know things mug

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Hey the only party deflecting is the Democrats lies about the virus numbers, having riots being started and keep going, and Obama was on TV telling people to riot, facts, because they are deflecting the pedophile ring they are all involved with. I mean the Democratic party should be called the diversion party. Nothing but lies and pure evil I just can’t believe how ignorant some of you are don’t give a damn about the country you live in, the country your kids are being raised in, no morals, no belief in God,no respect for the men and women that died for this country, no respect for the flag, they sure like the kids tho and not for the good reason. When Trump landslides this I can’t wait for you crybabies to bitch and move to another country. You don’t like it here there’s lots of other places to go. We won’t miss you or your greedy tainted disgusting party. The whole Democratic party needs to be fired and started over. Their states are doing the worse, homelessness,starving people,crime,murder,riots,to where the president had to send federal agents to help them get it under control. They can’t run a state there is no way creepy Joe could ever run this country. He’s been in the government for 40 years and nothing but steal, do dirty dealings with Ukraine ,China and touch kids. I know you Dems are all about that but some of us are decent people you guys should try it. Trump 2020 for people that actually care about this country. God,country,flag. Shame you weren’t taught a thing. Why would drug price quadruple under Biden? Give me one reason. Why did prices not go down under OBama–the GOP refused and refuses to cross their lobbyist’s. Show me all the drugs going down by 50% under Trump. The link below will show you a bit more.
Remember for even this to work he has to implement it and he has failed to do that on most of his claims in his term so far. Like fixing schools but putting someone in charge who only wants her private school friends to benefit. Or protect the environment while putting oil industry veterans in charge. Talk is what he does and destruction follows.

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