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When I was in the military we went to Vegas for a month for an exercise. We literally drank every night. Second week there we got the weekend off, literally drank from Friday evening to Monday morning getting about 5 hours of total sleep. The good ole days.

  • The way of heaven a great tune from Blue Frog Band to listen and chill with friends while in the backyard drinking beer. Myles, you absolutely need to come drink in my garage. Northwest IL needs you to visit! You have no idea how perfectly you would fit in
  • The older I get, the more I’m okay with passing out early. Typically means more sleep but I don’t sleep well into the following day. Chilln in my back yard with some good music and grilln up good food is my way of day drinking and don’t forget about the sun have to have the sun
  • You know its bad when your just now relizing they have a term for day drinking. I just called it drinking. Here i was thinking it was pretty normal to start the day with a coffee and bourbon.

I did this one time and woke up and saw 7:30 on the clock. Shit myself thinking I was late for work. Was at the store getting coffee before I realized the sun was only setting. It was the same day. Bought more beer and went back home. True story.

There is nothing better in the world than lighting up a smoker, throwing on a giant amount of meat, then sitting next to it cranking tunes and drinking beer….at 7 a.m. WEEEEEOOOOO!!!!!

I hate Day drinking.. it puts me in s bad mood. Cause I stop in the evening. I need to drink all day and into the night or I get a headache, Same!! day drinking never ends well for me. I end up too drunk, gone through a hangover and recovery come night time and it isn’t fun. I have to start late night and be able to sleep it off

That’s what I do I drink coffee I hate people and I know things mug

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