I don’t sugar coat shit I’m not willy wonka mug


I don't sugar coat shit I'm not willy wonka mug1

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I follow them on FB and Insta, Ms Kitty is featured many times and they really do love each other. MsKitty even knows Walters owners car and likes to hang out there because it’s right in front of one of her windows. It’s hilarious. You all should be following her, Walters, and Littles. Someone dumped this tiny little kitten off at my place … understand I do not live in a town, I’m very rural… Eventually this kitty followed my dog .. a big huge, Golden Lab mix … into my home, it was a snowy and cold out, she explored from between his front legs, wouldn’t move unless he did… slept on or beside him for months!! … They are still besty’s… 4 years later… explore the property side by side… If any domesticated animal, which is out on its own, bit had contact with Humans. Fed, Place to sleep, Petted, Touched. But doesn’t belong there, but is being taken care of. That animal is not feral. Only domesticated animals with no contact and never been touched by Human hands is a feral. Homeless and feral are two different things. Power to the people who are caring for this cat. Hope this helps to understand. Unwanted, homeless pets are to big of a problem in…the World. Get your pet fixed, Please. This is awesome. I also have a cat like this. He thinks that all dogs can be his friend not until a big dog attacked him. Thanks God my cat had some scratches but he’s fine. He just stick to one dog (my neighbor’s) now which is his first friend. Is nobody seriously not gonna react to the fact that the dog is in a pen inside, with dog poo (!) on the floor that has pee covers on it? Walk the dog! Tend to its needs! And why a “play pen”? Cuz you don’t want the dog on your furniture or in the kitchen or something of the sorts? Teach your dog! I’ll never understand why someone would get any kind of animal and then not take care of it properly.

















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