Don’t follow me I do stupid things Cycling shirt, hoodie, tank top


Don't follow me I do stupid things Cycling hoodie

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Stay safe, you are the only ones with sense. I’m in Sydney and do everything I can from home still because I simply can’t get Covid. It’s important to stay away from others, quite frankly health systems buckle to overwhelm, that’s why so many die. People should wear masks, its highly contagious. Stay safe, be strong. You guys are right to stay home to protect mum. Sending love. I am so sorry that you are going through this trauma. I can’t image what that must be like. Very different here in Australia. My thoughts are with you. I feel you are doing the right thing and am glad that you can. The most at risk here are indentured labourers who can’t self-isolate, let alone afford basic necessities. I know it’s hard. Keep it up and love from Oman. You are doing the right thing xox It’s hard to be isolated Stay strong and know that so many watching from overseas are shaking their heard with sorrow at whats happening there.

Sounds like you are managing…go well ..keep it up will change one day ..and you will step outside ..and be relieved you stayed inside. Keep safe. Tami, thanks for sharing your story. You continue to do what is right for your family and stay safely together. Sending best wishes from Queensland, Australia. Oh my goodness Tami, things sound really tough for you right now. I hope you are finding snippets of joy & pleasure. Be kind to yourself & reach out to others where you can. There are plenty of us who think you are doing the right thing & wish you well. This too shall pass. Best wishes from Newcastle Australia. We have been so very lucky in Western Australia. It definitely sounds like you are doing the right thing. Take care.















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