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You’re such a lovely person to take such great care of these beautiful little souls and then to allow them to live the way they would naturally! Thank you so much for shining your light in this world and I hope your little babies are doing well!

  • Absolutely fabulous. Well done, if only everyone was as kind and loving to animals the world would be a much better place! What a sweet lady, such a kind heart. As much as I love animals I don’t think I would have the patience for that. That’s why ur so very special.
  • What a beautiful creature! She did such a great job raising them from when they were so tiny! A little part of her inside must have been sad to see them go, they probably revisit her yard at times. What a nice story
  • Oh my is that not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? I hope they do good & are able to be released into the wild & if not how amazing would it be to have those sweetie pies to care for them & teach them & to show them love & understanding.
  • So cute! Love that she took such good care of them! We have many of them in our yard! They come so close to us & they chase each other around! They run alongside the fence & the garage very close to keep safe! That fox better stay out of our yard! I’m not happy when he catches them!

They are absolutely adorable. The chubby cheeks one reminded me of Alvin and the Chipmunks. My son and I watched all their shows, DVD’s when he was little. It is so hard watching the release, because I know she was so very attached to the, but I know they need to be back in nature.

Great job on raising these cute little chippes – our front yard has a bunch of chipmunks & I have to admit my wife & I just have to call out & they come out they are so tame that one actually climbs on my foot – you sure did a great job on a great video – God bless you !

Such a wonderful story. Found a baby possum several weeks ago. Had a hard time finding a rehabber, so we kept her for a few days. Feeding,etc. Finally found a rehabber and took her there. Called and she’s doing fine. Yeah 

Horse Why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

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