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Boiled down to weakling trump begging his white supremacists thugs to intimidate voters and explained how he will steal the vote by calling it rigged. It’s time to bounce this pathetic, weak reality TV game show host to the curb, America!

  • President was not only up against debating with Biden but also the horrible moderator who consistently tried to cut the President off once they got to the most important information. Really? thank God Trump knows every bit of information he was talking about. Biden on the other hand refused to answer questions about not only his sons corruptness but refused to say that he opposed Antifa a terrorist organization, saying the protests were peaceful! Get out of the business, kid. you dont know what you are saying.
  • Its so sad if people would not vote him out of the white house. This clown is so disrespectful he’s rude he’s a bully. He do not like anyone to talk or ask him questions. Another four years with him we all going to die. This president have a behavior as a 5 year old child he doesn’t have a plan for the Coronavirus he only pay $750 taxes he’s a straight-up bully he do not know how to be a president.

Biden has a studder , when did it become cool for everyone in the world to made fun of that??? He’s not too slow or old, he was gettin throu someone screamin any and all bs at him and tryin to get him to act a fool back. This world sucks.

All you do rolling with a pig is get dirty. There’s no point whatsoever in continuing this freak show. Debating a mental ward patient is of the same value. Biden should simply refuse and choose another way to convey his stance on the substantive issues to the American people.

It’s the whole of the democratic strategy, violence in the streets, voter fraud and on and on. The exact playbook of the nazi take over prior to ww2. Only one party has a confessed nazi supporting it and that’s the Democratic party.


Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla shirt, hoodie, tank top

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