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The thing that makes me more happy is that John Carpenter is back, that makes all the difference, these new movies will be the most amazing thing ever. Need to find teens that can actually act and that aren’t so in to themselves that that can’t properly engage in the character they are portraying.

  • I wish I could be happy about getting two new Halloween films but I’m not. Last year’s reboot wasn’t that good and I’m really mad they disregarded all the sequels. I liked the fact that Michael and Laurie were siblings, it made the films more personal but they disregarded it.
  • My biggest issue with the reboot though was that they made Michael look like a dilapidated old man, which frankly made him seem too much like a normal human and not scary at all, I couldn’t take him seriously. I really wish they could course correct but sadly we’re getting two sequels to a sub-par reboot.
  • Yep they left it where if the movie did not do well they could end it at that, but it they liked how it did they could say he escaped and make more. It was the best Halloween since Halloween 2 and some even like it better.

No. Absolutely not. Laurie cannot die, Michael cannot die. Have Michael chase someone else, have them part ways instead of killing off the most iconic survivor in all horror. Ok, we do NOT need Resurrection again.

I liked this one . It was good but Rob Zombies version ( The first one ) was great lol. Gave him a back story and made him big and vicious . People just don’t want to admit it . Looking forward to more .

Need to buy cosmetics, etc. here is a $10 coupon to join and spend on your first purchase. Sign up for Mercari and get $10 off your first purchase. I loooove all the Halloween movies and all the horror movies,but God Damn!!Just give it the respect it deserves and Stop making them,this specific franchise is the literal “Beating the dead horse”..

Horror Cats Halloween shirt

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