Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus personalized tumbler


Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus personalized tumbler

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So I wonder sometimes if the mask really worked or the virus just moved into the area and some people got sick with it and it moved on because everyone was better and social distancing and hand washing. Kinda like when a flu virus moves through. So everyone slapped a mask on and bang that fixed it. It seems pretty logical that when you reopen for business more people will get the disease. But wearing a mask to go into a store where everyone has been touching things and then leaving the store and taking your mask off and now everything is fine doesn’t seem logical to me. If you were really worried wouldn’t you be sanitizing everything you just bought. Putting on all your PPE just to go to the store maybe some different shoes and throw them away or something when you get to your car. Not reusing masks. How does that even work. If this were a real pandemic we’d all be dead right now. I gave you a source now your turn. Prove without using for profit news sites that a mask actually works. My money says you won’t even try. You’ll resort back to insults and double talk. Goodbye. Yep! Come August 1st, us in the UK are fully back and open for all businesses. All because we sucked up 4 short months of lock down. America can’t even handle that! Man up fellow American’s so I can come home! Ken Adams, he’s a gold plated pile of crap. This is something he should’ve done four months ago. Instead he spent that time being rather unpatriotic and telling people to resist the shut down and resist wearing masks and now we’re up to 60,000 new cases per day. Wake up. The President doesn’t talk about this mask. He talks about DHS masks for making arrests! That is just the code symbol. He is not for masks at all. That is just the game with the Deep State.

















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