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Hocus Pocus Skinny Tumbler


The contributions that you have made to my family are immeasurable and our travel dreaming has been in high gear since the pandemic struck. You have guided our path for well over twenty years and we are so grateful.

  • We have had the pleasure to take our boys to Bayeux twice based on your deeply detailed guidebooks and our love of history. As a young boy my son once corrected his teacher who confused Harold with William the Conqueror in a lesson and it was based on him seeing the magnificent Bayeux Tapesty and hearing the audio guide. We can’t wait to get back to the Churchill Hotel on Rue Saint-Jean. Thank you, Rick!
  • We loved our visit to Normandy, and in particular, Bayeux. Despite being close to the scenes of many battles during the D-Day invasion, Bayeux was largely spared and has a beautiful medieval central area. The tapestry itself is incredible.
  • We made Bayeux our home base for our week in Normandy and LOVED it. We made good use of our Rick Steves guide to plot our daily adventures. And Rick, some of the “eye candy” in that border is pretty darn eye opening!!!

I saw this two years ago when I visited Bayeux as part of a trip to places I Europe where my grandfather served in WWII. The best part was being able to see the needlework close up, and then step back to see it all come together, like you should do with impressionist paintings. Also amazing to see the connection between Vikings, or Northmen, or Normans, the English crown, the French, etc… We are all connected.

My only complaint about viewing the tapestry is that there are so many people you have to keep moving, and there isn’t time to digest all the details in the scenes. I’d love to go when I could be one of just a few viewers! I’m so glad that I took the trip to France to see the Bayeux Tapestry when I was stationed in Belgium during my Air Force career.

I had the great fortune to see france twice. Once in June and again in December. Seeing mont st.michel both times…and seeing it in December with practically no one there compared with the hoards in June….it was a completely different experience. Highly recommend off season.

Hocus Pocus Skinny Tumbler