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Ever since I saw a picture on top of Pulpit Rock looking out at the distance fjord, I told myself that I had to be there. That date came a couple years back on a 12-night Norway Fjords Cruise. Made it to the top of Pulpit Rock. It was not an easy hike but every step was worth it!

  •  The scenery was amazing every port of call we made to. Told my wife I wanted to return to Norway for another visit, and another, and another …. I have forever fallen in love with the country. Stefanie here. Apart from watching Rick’s shows on your local public television station, you can also stream them all for free on our website at the link below. (Simply scroll down and select a destination to view any of the videos that have been filmed there.)
  • I’d like to recommend a wonderful recent movie (streaming): Sunlit Nights, set in Lofoten. We’d hoped to visit Norway this summer for my “big” birthday, but it wasn’t meant to be. But growing up in Iowa, we knew many Norwegian-Americans & learned a great deal about their customs. Uff Da!
  • My husband’s father was from Norway. In fact, he was in the Norwegian Resistance during WWII. He survived a camp in Poland, came to the US and met a wonderful Italian woman (my husband’s mother). Now that my husband has recently retired, we would love to move to Norway, but the “how to” is complicated. Our trip (with Rick Steves book in hand) was unfortunately canceled due to the virus this year. Hopefully next year! It is a beautiful country.

my experience is similar when it comes to Norway. It was my mother who emigrated to Canada. I was lucky to spend magical summers with my grandmother and cousins. Unforgettable experiences. I remain close with all my cousins and one remaining aunt. They are from the Telemark region.

I am so grateful that I was able to take my dream birthday trip to Tromsø last winter before the world locked down. I look forward to the day when I can visit this gorgeous country again!

Made our first visit last summer and absolutely love Norway! Started in Bergen, stayed in Flåm, Geiranger, then took the train through Lillehammer to Oslo. The landscape, the people and the food made it the trip of a lifetime! Anxious to get back for camping and hiking in different place further north and hopefully see the northern lights.

Hiking The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go Poster

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