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Rest in piece young lady and my condolences to your family. You didn’t deserve to have your life and dreams taken away. Fly with the Angels now in the Heavens above. Such a lovely young lady with a bright future. So sorry for your lost! Extending my condolences to the family of this beautiful young lady. May justice prevail.

  • So sorry your life was taken so suddenly and without any regards to life, just pointless! All these lives ruined over what?! I will pray for your family, for God’s strength to get them through!  Michael Jackson will always be the King Of Pop, with soul. His father may have taken him through a musical journey, but, Michael defined his craft by pure talent and hard work. He’s definitely a beautiful shining star.
  • His oldest son dad is his dermotolgist. Paris dad is friends of Michaels. Can’t remember if he was also a doctor. Not sure about his youngest, We should forget all of history. Let’s not think about MJ anymore, hard when they keep playing his music. Let’s forget all the wars and battles. Let’s forget about past governments, We are a CANCEL society . Don’t like something, it never happened.

No need to castrate females, their voices do not change with the onset of puberty. Their bodies do. Take a basic 6th grade biology class. What kind of trick are they playing now?This is probably all a lie to get people started on something else.Let poor old Michael RIP.

So your one of those woke people with their head on the sand. Tell that to the poor people who suffered in the holocaust, dont you dare say that never happened. So wonder why he said he didn’t have sex with Elvis Presley’s daughter and he stated he didn’t have sex when he had his kids

I mean there are lots of kids not biologically related tot their parents. Doesn’t lessen their family ties. If he claimed them (blood or not) theyre his.  I say anything about that I know those are his kids and he loved them and they loved him I’m sayin that as far as him be castrated and growing up listening to his interviews it all makes since now how he says he never had

High on Hellaweed Pumpkin Weed shirt,tank top, hoodie

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