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uch a beautiful story. Thanks and Thank You for giving this amazing creature a chance at life. You have to have been blessed by God above for what you have done.  This little baby is so adorable & precious. And, it squeaks! Which just makes it all the more hilarious. That little goofball!

  • I guess he thinks he is a dog! You have saved his life.YouI should write a children,s story book about him,with drawings.it would show and teach children that animals like humans can be different but are still loved and accepted in a family.
  • Love love love donkeys, their little personalities are so cute. Can’t help but get attached. But I noticed when you came home from being away he greeted you , you greeted him and he was very excited BUT so was your dog and you just dismissed your dog and that was not cool AT ALL !!!! Made me feel like you just ignore your dog since Tiny Tim came along !!! So if that’s what your going to do give your sweet puppy dog away to someone that’s going to love and give attention that he deserves!!! You just don’t dismiss him.
  • Wow dankuuu for yr kindness! May God continue to bless u and yr family as youse continue to bless animals and people! Wow dankuuu for yr kindness! May God continue to bless u and yr family as youse continue to bless animals and people!

If you hadn’t taken the trouble to help him to survive you would never have known how unique he was and how much love and fun he would bring into your lives. I enjoyed watching all his mischief

  • Such an beautiful baby. Thank you for sharing your video I enjoy watching it and thank you for having a warm and good heart to help this baby have a chance to life
  • What a special little guy. I’ve always loved donkeys, they have the sweetest faces. What a joy he must be to have around, never a dull moment. Thank you for sharing. Loved it.

I hope this little fella has a very long life, he is in the right hands with people that love and adore him , god bless these wonderful people.  We should be celebrating the donkey on a donkey day donkey should be celebrated more than any animal they’re what built our America on their backs

Hello Sweet Cheeks Donkey poster

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