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May God bless her and any teacher that takes the time and makes the effort to reach any child but especially the child that may have a little bit harder time connecting to peoole. She knows there is someone special in there.

  • Our PreK teacher got the go ahead to meet up with us at parks EO Friday! She is going above and beyond to try and make VA works for our kiddos or as she calls them, her friends
  • She is such an awesome teacher. When I used to roam the halls of White Oak I could always stand outside her door and listen to her with her kids for a quick smile. This was seriously like a HUGE HUG to my heart. I miss my little students so much. Amos is so sweet and that teacher is priceless!
  • My Scottish terrier Molly loved the ocean and the dolphins. She could smell them before we could even see them and she would jump in the water to swim out to play with them. There were plenty of times we had to swim after her out since she had no sense how deep she would be. There was definitely a connection there as the dolphins were never aggressive with her. She is probably playing with them now in doggie heaven

While everyone loves wildlife and of course wishes for a connection that this looks like, it’s actually sadly something bad for that dolphin. Dolphins will only approach boats and take that posture (known as begging) when they have been hand fed. And while that seems cool also at first, it’s very bad for dolphins.

They stop feeding naturally, eat food that makes them sick, they loose fear of humans and then have higher chances of getting hit by boats and entangled in fishing lines and nets (investing hooks). Survivorship of the babies for hand fed moms is very low. And now in many places in the USA fishermen are killing them because these animals will without fear try to steal bait or take catch from nets.

I have a doctorate in biology and teach my students about this problem each summer in my marine mammals class. If you see a dolphin beg like this, please ignore it, do not feed it and spread the word so others will not feed it too.

Hello Sweet Cheeks Donkey poster

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