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Aegean Air was great – we initially changed flights around to skip the Venice leg of an Italy trip (charged minimal difference in cost of flights), then cancelled altogether. We have a credit for the unused fares good for use anytime/anywhere in the next year.

  • It’s interesting that many airlines are only offering refunds/no fee changes to airfare purchased after a certain date. It seems like they should offer the same to people who booked BEFORE the outbreak became known and more widespread.
  • Had a trip planned with Avalon Waterways in Vietnam and Cambodia, leaving March 16. Used United miles to book award flights in and out of Bangkok. Outbound flight was originally thru Hong Kong and United changed that for not charge.
  • Then decided to cancel trip. United redeposited miles with no fee and refunded taxes. My travel agent did battle with Avalon, which first agreed to allow us to rebook within 12 months, then reneged on the agreement but finally did let us rebook same trip next year at this year’s price.

My travel agent was fabulous and really went over and above for us. Have been on the phone with Vietnam Airlines and they are swamped with requests to cancel – if you book online you can only cancel/refund thru email,not their US call center. Same with Thai Air.

These were both positioning flights I booked directly. No problem cancelling Marriott points reservations as was within 3 day cancel window. All in all, a stressful time for hardworking people in airline, hotel and cruise call centers – be sure to thank them for their hard work.

Just returned from our honeymoon in Thailand and Laos. Obviously booked the airfare months ago, on Korean Airlines directly, since despite a code share, Delta would not allow us to select seats at time of purchase. For 20 hours of flying we weren’t willing to roll the dice on sitting separately in 2 middle seats, for example

Flew through Seoul on the way there, then after the first week of our trip, Korea had so many cases and my husband’s work said if he transited there he would have to self-quarantine for 2 weeks when we returned. We tried to work with Korean Air who, despite the eventual ban on flights to the US, never cancelled our flight! So we had to cancel it ourselves and BUY different tickets home routing through Dubai for $1,500.

Hated By Many Loved By Plenty Heart On Her Sleeve Fire Skull shirt,tank top, hoodie

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