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Matt Lorey I mean, he’s got a point. Contracts for JAGs like Fackrell have handicapped us over the last few years. It’s a moot point though, because the money’s not there and we need enough wiggle room for next year so we can retain some combination of Clark, Jones, Bakhtiari, Lazard, and King. To be fair. Allen lazzard was undrafted and is going to have a huge year. It’s not always the name but the work ethic/skillset that goes along with it. Lazzard is that guy, Adam’s and Jordy all build them up guys. What we need is a tight end that can stretch the field and move between the hashes. Or other teams will stack the box, knowing they don’t have to worry about covering any receivers outside of Adams, and the Packers will be lucky to score 10 points a game We went 13-3 with Adams missing a few games. I dont understand why all these couch gms think we need to spend big money and waste cap space on big names. Dude 13-3….13-3….we literally dont need that much. So sit down and stfu. I see that, but up against the top competitor in the conference they got destroyed. It might not have been wise to ignore the big holes (WR, ILB, DL) they have even though they were successful last year. Could’ve at least used the draft to address all these positions, but hopefully they go far again next year and some guys break out. they went to the Superbowl in 2010 with a 10-6 record and a far worse defense then they currently have and an ancient fossil of a WR. And still won. The problem isnt a lack of….the problem is they’re a very Young team. The entire WR core minus Adams are all 2nd and 3rd year guys.


















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