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Wayne Proctor You got me to thinking sir. Thanks for the reply. Do you ascribe to the Marxist idea of the “Labor Theory of Value?” That is one of the more hairbrained ideas that Marx and company came up with, among many. So permit to respectfully bring up the ‘Fable of the Ditch Digger.’

  • You hire me to dig a ditch in your yard. We agree on a hourly pay rate of $20 per hours (I am a great ditch digger in this example). I work 5 hours and dig the ditch, then spend 3 hours shoveling the dirt back in the ditch I have just finished digging, and pack the ground down again.
  • You show up and I present you with a bill for 8 hours – $160. But I have not provided you with anything of value. In effect, I have done nothing. I want you to pay me for a non-existent ditch. My labor has produced nothing.
  • It should be up to the employee to decide if they are underpaid, not some random city council. No business forces its employees to accept a job at a given wage. But most assuredly, if you’re burdened with non-sustainable labor expense imposed not by market force or customary and usual business operations, but by arbitrary and capricious external influence of politicians who are benefiting from the imposition of politically popular rather than economically prudent policies, you won’t survive.

The decades of operation and growth would belie any suggestion of incompetence. Is the homeowner who is forced to sell his home because his taxes have quadrupled or more wrong for having bought the home in the first place?

No one knows which RESTAURANTS are owned by that Corporation. A middle school “journalist” who wrote such a “piece” would get an average or failing grade. The “professional” who wrote it ought to find work to which they are intellectually suited: pushing a shopping cart, maybe.

Seattle does’t need jobs! The Tax Payers will just have to pay more to support the unemployed people that want jobs and HAD Jobs. Washington TAX PAYERS have plenty of money to support the Progressive Democratic Party policies. No big deal. The PSDP is smarter than you so should spend your money.

There should be no taxes of any type on Min. Wage income, since the reason for the wage is the worker needs the income! If a restaurant cannot make a living in a setting like that, it has more to do with bad management than it does with wages.


Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla shirt, hoodie, tank top

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