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In my opinion he needs to take care of himself better…looks unkept…and FOR HIS AGE…needs a shower ,,shave,…and comb the hair….i guess that won’t matter to YOUNG ones as lo ng as HE ‘s spending money on them…..WE have morals…I WOULDN’T TOUCH HIM WITH A TEN FOOT POLE..and HE’s picky..MAN you are YOU ARE NOT ALL THAT….

  • Nah ! He doesn’t have the mental capacity as to how he could handle us ! His loss! He can have the little drama gold digging youngsters !Festus because he doesn’t look like a spring chicken either. I don’t know him but judging from his photo ….
  • Sorry dude but same goes for a man! Certainly nothing extraordinary about a man’s body who’s 50! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Every woman I know who is over 50 looks much better than he does. Bet he struck out so much he’s embarrassed by it.
  • Look at this character. He’s kind of an eyesore and looks pretty creepy. He’s got some nerve talking about anybody else. Maybe he’s just never been loved. And obviously he doesn’t have a wife or never has who’s had babies? This Yahoo has no clue

He’s no spring chicken himself! Actually looks like a old rooster! With that attitude he will live an emotionally lonely shallow life and most likely die alone. AND what does he think he looks like? BETTER YET…I bet what’s hanging between his legs is no better than that ignorant shallow comment he made.

WOW! My grddtr says that an old man needs 2 stay in his place. Let young ladies b young ladies. U don’t need sleep with ur grdpa. This is Rose and I don’t have any use for men with ATTITUDES!! They can get their rocks off, some place FAR away from me!!!

And she lived happily ever after Dog poster

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