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if that is your warped view of history, then your teachers were uninformed or you didn’t understand the book. Yes, the Czar and his family were murdered by the socialists If our PM and his Cabinet collectively vetoed the idea of bringing the bloodthirsty Russian Revolution to this country then the King would have had no say. It was incontrovertibly the right thing to do.

  • Can’t say they look alike behind these beards. Nicholas was a foolish uncaring Tsar who refused to reform his country. He & his family did not deserve the horrible deaths but if they had been allowed to survive all sorts of uprisings in Russia & any place of exile would have happened
  • Ruth Steel but what would have happened if the Tsar and his lovely family would have been allowed to escape and came to England Such a Horrific ending for this family
  • The Greek monarchy came from the Danish Royal Family, hence why the Duke of Edinburgh was known as HRH Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark.
  • Thank you, I did know that..I’m wondering if there was another cousin who was a Greek prince who looked just like them. I think I saw a photo of all three who looked like triplets.
    One year ago this week, I was in London for the first time. Your guide book was beyond valuable and helped my husband and I navigate the city with ease. I look forward to going back as soon as we can!
    I’ve never been much of a city person, but London holds a special place in my heart. I look forward to going back. Thanks for the thought on what to do, where to explore next when we do return.London walks is one of favorite things to do in london. I Remember when David gave many of the tours. I can still hear his dramatic introduction. Paraphrasing here. You have come all the to London to have an American give you a tour…

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