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I liked this one . It was good but Rob Zombies version ( The first one ) was great lol. Gave him a back story and made him big and vicious . People just don’t want to admit it . Looking forward to more .

  • I loooove all the Halloween movies and all the horror movies,but God Damn!!Just give it the respect it deserves and Stop making them,this specific franchise is the literal “Beating the dead horse”….just stop!!
  • Quit riffing on the H20 story line. If youre going to ignore the entire brother plot then make it for an actual reason. And make a few cool kills (off screen does not count). Also Laurie Strode and Sarah Connor are different people, fyi.
  • Nick castle. He did great as Michael Myers. He should play him more. Halloween kill. And. I don’t went the Halloween movie to end. I went to see him beat Jason voorhess and Freddy Krueger and leather face.
  • Chris Kurtz. Nick castle did will as Michael Myers in the first one. I just went him to play Michael Myers for one more time. I bet you any money this is a confirmation of back to back sequels being shot and are coming
  • The thing that I am just happy for is that now Michael Myers can fight Jason voorhess and Freddy Krueger and leather face.  When it said halloween ends and played the theme and showed him in the fire omg sent chills all over my body

Hope they are better than that poorly written, poorly edited, poorly directed last one! Where the hell was the suspense in that movie? Why lose the brother/sister connection? Why did they show the ONLY suspenseful scenes in the trailers? There was so much wrong with that movie that I can go on for hours about it! And seriously, Halloween Kills? Could that title be any lamer?

Wow I knew we were getting 1 but I never expected 2 new sequels. That’s awesome can’t wait! I thought they would’ve called the next one Halloween Returns though kills sounds more like Machete.

Halloween It’s the most wonderful time of the year phone case

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