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They didn’t knock. That is why they repealed no knock warrants. Look up the Breonnas Law it made no knock warrants illegal. Omg read first., he is to blame if you like it or not. He fired first if he hadn’t that beaitiful girl would still be here. No one fired at him for him to fire his gun, so how was it self defense.

  • they don’t have to knock with one but several people even the boyfriend who shot first said they knocked and announced themselves. So did the neighbor. ok sweetheart lol the boyfriend said it himself that they knocked and announced. But you believe the media like a sheep. Just like they said she was killed in bed which we know isn’t true either. Lol
  • no where does it say they went about specifically getting a no knock, warrant was probably issued that way but the knocked and announced themselves per bf & witness! You might want to research before posting. Why do you think the “no knock warrant” became a issue in KY? The only ones lying are the ones covering up the murder of an innocent woman!
  • Perfectly justified to murder an innocent woman! Wonder what you would be saying had your daughter been sleeping, the door is kicked in and she has six bullets pumped into her? they obviously weren’t doing their job when they came to her house looking for an exboyfriensd that was already in their custody. All this could’ve been avoided if they had not shown up to her house.
you would find that her exboyfriend previously used her address. They went there looking for him specifically even though he was already in custody, the cops admitted that.  they paid off the family to avoid long drawn out lawsuits, because of the bf’s stupidity of shooting at the Police, causing her death, the police did not go there to kill breonna but because of her loser bf he got her killed!!
They had a no knock warrant for her. They knocked on the door anyways, her now lover/ boyfriend shot at the officers striking one in the leg. She was standing in the hallway when her boyfriend/lover opened fire


Hairstyling Because Murder is Wrong Shirt,tank top,hoodie

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