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You are right my dear whosoever that has ones interest at heart will always pay for services rendered to them, being it pastor’s wife, church members, friends or neighbor, you have to pay for the business to continue booming

  • Thank you for always helping me to feel better about myself, and reminding me that I’m beautiful just as I am. Love you so much!  I love your message Cristina.. you are helping me to get over the need to be perfect all the time and just love myself the way I am naturally
  • I love what you are saying. I tell this to my 15 year old daughter, and I always point out when boys are smiling at her with her hair all messy and no makeup and sweats on.
  • Not wearing makeup to work and making it something special I do to go out has really changed how I treat it. It’s not a chore, it’s part of the excitement of getting ready for an event. This is one of the ways I love Cris. She is an amazing role model for girls everywhere.

I read a quote from Cindy crawford stating that without the make up, airbushing and tape and hairdo and whatever they do when placing photos in magazines she doesn’t even look like Cindy Crawford.

Your post of your bare face the other day saying you didn’t have makeup made my day and feel better about not wanting to put makeup everyday, I am embracing natural beauty more cause of you. You’re such a strong woman and great role model.

They should legally have to put at the bottom of photos, what and if it has been edited. “This is fake hair, fake skin colour, fake eyelashes ” lol society would soon feel better

I had the pleasure of meeting you at Ozzfest, I can confirm, you are stunning even after sweating on stage for 45 minutes., I’ve seen many pics of you without makeup, and I think reality is much prettier on you than glamour. I think you’re beautiful natural.

Hairdresser Salon Children Black and White Poster

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