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Hagrid sorting hat painting poster

The only people who babble about 56 different genders are ignorant transphobes such as yourself. Being transgender is not considered a psychiatric condition (though without proper treatment it can leave one vulnerable to a potentially severe mood disorder called gender dysphoria) because it does not fit the definition of one.

  • The evidence indicates is is a neurological form of an intersex condition. You do not know more about it than the medical and mental health professions. The idea that ignorance is as good as expertise is currently getting a lot of people killed by Covid. Please do not contribute to that harmful attitude.
  • ROFL being transgender is not body dysmorphic disorder, you silly little man. Did you bother to read the list of symptoms? They don’t apply to transgender people. Again, you do not know more about this than the mental health profession., your welcome. Sadly the Transgender community has the highest rate of attempted and actual suicide rate which has to be affected by their mental state.
  • Fortunately as greater access to transition services and societal acceptance have occurred, the suicide rate has come down quite a bit. The most common causes of suicidality in post transition trans people are family rejection and discrimination,. In other words, it’s caused by the attitudes of people like you. Thankfully you are slowly being left behind.

Let her talk and let her have her opinions. We should all be free to think feel say and believe what we do. If you don’t like it so much that you can’t enjoy a good fiction story than dont read/ watch. If it hurts your feelings go hide in your bubble.

He is absolutely right these people sit around their parents basement waiting for somebody somewhere to say something so they can go off and have their 15 seconds of Fame what they need to do is get out of their parents basement get a job and stop being offended by somebody sneezing Halfway Around the World and go get some help for their gender dysphoria

Hagrid sorting hat painting poster