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This is a man who called veterans losers and denigrated their sacrifices. Why on earth would we honor someone who has no honor himself? He’s an egotistical misogynist who only cares about making himself look good. It’s disgusting.

  • Have you watched the current administration thru rose colored glasses? He was given this country in a great place, and in 3 short/long years has destroyed relationships with allies, organizations and counterparts to the point of diminishing how the world reacts to us. His idea of firing this who oppose him relate to his failed tv show.
  • And his performance in the WH clearly follows his path of life, just run it into the ground and then protect yourself by filing bankruptcy. We are not his employees, he is OUR employee. His interests are not that of the majority.

Matter of fact his interests are mostly of a personal nature. Out of 45 presidencies have you ever heard another president praise himself so much? Should never happen! He is a douche and will be replaced, but not soon enough. He says he was never impeached. WRONG, he was impeached, he was just never removed from office. 2 different actions. Please take obe of 2 actions yourself, take off the rose colored glasses or drink the koolaid.

Who does he think he is, the most obnoxious man who ever was. That’s coming from an Australian, sick of hearing about Trump,we have other things on our minds. If anyone should be there it should be Kennedy, Regan, or one of the other great presidents that have lived and have do e good things for the USA not Trump.


Grinch Happy Hallothanksmas face mask

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