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When is brown due for reelection? I’ll have to send in one the 51 million all mail in voting ballots 8 states will be sending out soon to vote her out. Anyone will be able to forge the name on them and mail them in. Why not do it myself to get rid of this asinine buffoon?

  • Why didn’t you do that in 2011 under Obama and Biden there has been constant rioting and protesting. They even had a $$$$$$$ Jail built in Oregon that was never used I don’t believe, Begging and bowing Democrats don’t get how weak they look to those bent on destroying everything she ever held dear!
  • MS. Governor then do something. You let this go on for months now. Get a backbone and you stop it. Trump offered and you said no. Democrats in these cities have done this. Quit blaming Trump. You rule your state
  • She turned it down. If National Guard shows up and clears the streets, they can’t blame police. They want to continue with destruction so they can continue to blame Trump and police. They want money to rebuild but not interested in stopping the destruction….get the sense out of that!

We all know who is responsible for these terrorists acts Trump had nothing g to do with this tearing down Portland. It just appalling that she thinks the American people are stupid you will fall soon you and your cronies are going to get what you deserve 20 years I hope

And why didn’t you do this sooner did you take prevagen by chance ? 3 months ago you could of made a call for help and you didn’t.. These Democratic leaders have more have for POTUS a than love for their own people a they must be voted our en masse this November!

What a hypocrite snd loser. You need to resign. Your ineptness dealing with the rioters has now turned the situation into total chaos. Go back to what you’re good at if there is such a thing. Voters need to recognize ALL these radical democrats mayors and governors are destroying the communities then have the audacity of blaming Trump for their own incompetence


Grinch Free hugs Just kidding Don’t touch me face mask

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