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People are upset because you get handed HOF QBs in succession and can only muster 3 SB appearances and 2 wins. It’s ridiculous to think that a fan base like that would be happy with that. That being said, the door isn’t shut on Rodgers yet. And the defense is recovering from the Capers era of underachievement. There’s time for magic but not much. Packers will try to pin a decline in production on Rodgers to void the last few years of his deal. It will be his fault not the fact that they didn’t draft help. Then they will sell it to the fans so the organization doesn’t take the heat. Kyle Armstrong cant wait till he does.hes the poison on the team.whines and blames everyone but himself for his screw ups. Dude couldn’t even manage a game clock last yr.dont matter this yr they wont play cuz of the PANDEMIC. but that should go away after the election so maybe a late season how many star wr do you think he needs? Adams and Lazard is a fine pair. Top running back. And two straight years invested highly in TEs. Not to mention top tier line. Rodgers himself was high on EQ and MVS. How many titles he got when he had the best wr of the league? Packers loose the NFC last year because of the run D not because the gap at the wr. Rodgers has been spoiled since he became starter. he has a top 3 WR, the best pass blocking LT, and the #1 scoring RB. How many weapons do you think a team with a 30mil a year QB can afford and still keep a top 10 defense on the field? A great QB is supposed to make those around him better. He has a slew of young and talented WRs and TEs to work with.

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