God is great chickens are good people are crazy face mask


God is great chickens are good people are crazy face mask

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Yep, because that’s what Presidents do in the Oval Office, make commercials! This is strictly AGAINST THE LAW!! But it’s ok for dumph to do it because according to the real commies, trump IS ABOVE THE LAW, AND PROVES IT DAILY!! Trumpers are IDIOTS! Bless you. I am glad you are here and many other Cubans after learning what they had been thru and happy you are being treated as humans and no longer in fear of your lives. I can only imagine what your parents went thru over there. I am thankful every day that the evil man is gone. I cried when I saw the celebrations going on when Castro died. Just knowing what they went thru and the memories that could not be erased. I had always seen Goya products in stores but never bought any. Now when I find some I want to stock up. Larry Valentine That would be “your” not “you’re”….you might want to brush up on your English grammar. What country are you trolling from? Pathetic failed attempt to deflect my comment….loser! why don’t you go give to charity yourself and stop judging others. You are wasting your time here. We will not bow to your God, Biden so go somewhere else and cry. The president did not cause this buycott the Democrats did it by themselves when they called for the boycott. When will the Democrats learn that when they call for destroying companies the opposite happens. Go cry on another site. No one has pity for you here. I’m supporting Goya from now on! Their products are really good and will be a staple in our house from now on. I’ve also signed up for their website to get recipe ideas. I’m full in! And it feels good supporting a company that stands up for this country and this president, and the CEO isn’t a yellow-belly like everyone else who bows to the insanity of the Left and the hysterical media mob.












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