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  • Is it just a common cold?Please read more news in the world. The whole world is trying to eliminate this virus, except Mr. Trump. He says that the virus is not terrible every day, but tens of thousands of people in the United States die every day because of this virus.
  • If Biden gets elected it’s still going to be here, If Hillary gets elected it’s still going to be here, If Obama somehow got reelected it’s still going to be here, Some one has to provide food,Lights,gas,internet,ect ect….Rioting in the streets 1000+ isn’t helping I dont care how much you argue.
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SO HAPPY you did so well with this C. virus thing !!! And only with medications, and zinc plus. AND you are back. MANY are praying for you, and will keep on doing this. ~ Please include in your following up on this, that people do Not “have” to take this vac.,coming, if we choose not to. ~ That would be so un American to force that on people. ~ I am thinking, you would not allow that. ~ Thank you Mr. President for so much.

Fuck Corona Jack Skellington shirt, hoodie, tank top

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