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nothing like putting insecure images in a young girl this is just as bad as implementing thoughts of negative body images into a young child… My humble opinion… And I really don’t care what anyone else thinks… My opinion in my opinion alone

  • there’s literally nothing wrong with dyeing hair. Its just for fun. Doesn’t change whether she’s beautiful or not. Its not permanent and will come out in less than a month, especially if she uses warm water which more than likely she’s going to.
  • Pink fades and leaves hair so quickly if not taken care of properly so it’ll be back to blonde shortly. You shouldn’t assume the girl isnt happy with her natural hair color. People, the majority of us dye their hair for fun, not because we are unhappy with how we look. But nice assumptions.
  • it’s beautiful, kind and open minded people like you that make this world truly a better place. It’s so heart warming to see a child have so much happiness over something so silly and small
  • the majority of us are old enough to understand what we are doing. I begged my mum to allow me to straighten my hair, i begged for years until she allowed it. The biggest mistake ever.
Its not about harming the hair, although later on in life i believe there will be much. Its about knowing and loving and appreciating yourself until you reach an age of maturity and understanding.
I wonder if her mum would allow her to change her a sun tan?
I got you…They can shut up because it’s just hair color. Same as if she were getting her nails polished. The mother clearly knows what she’s doing. And she’s her mom! This isn’t abuse! It’s simply a child experiencing color and that’s an amazing thing to share with your mom
I mean some people are just happy when their kids are happy idk im not a parent just a young adult with peircings all over and tattoos so not the best i guess person to say anything cause you seem fairly traditional family type idk i just dont get getting angry or reacting negatively on someones post maybe im just from a family who told me if i didnt have anything nice to say dont say what your ganna say and listened to the advice that parents seem to forget when online

Friends – Princess Consuela Banana Hammock mug

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