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If I can use my voice to inspire anyone to move in the direction of human kindness and care for others, then it is a small price to pay to lose a fan who would tell me my personal opinion about how to keep my family safe is not appreciated. All of us humans have a responsibility to take care of each other and that takes precedence over politics for me.

  • Over 40% in nursing homes where they were put and shouldn’t have been most of the rest had underlying conditions .underlying conditions’ includes a whole range of things from serious health issues down to mild asthma. A very large proportion of people would class as having ‘underlying health conditions’. So to say that is pretty meaningless, it’s still an unacceptably high number of dead.
  • I agree, both my parents had it, they are in their 80’s , thankfully they were healthy and recovered fine. But 3 of my friends were never tested and were sent letters saying they were positive, and one mother of a friend passed away from a totally different condition and the hospital put cause of death COVID and to their knowledge was never tested.

 The family has had a very hard time fighting to get this changed because that was not why she died. I would just like accuracy and we will probably never get that due to funds that are given if you have documented they are covid deaths. This has been documented by a vast amount of people. One death is one too many but reality is each year many will die of the flu , no matter if it had not been manufactured as this one was.

One week Canada had 27 cases. It varies but the USA had about 5000 deaths. Almost all countries are doing better. We can do better. I like the way people get caught up in the numbers. No one cared in 1969 when everyone was smoking pot at Woodstock. Hong Kong flu was prevalent everywhere you went but no one shut down the economy and “ordered” you to put on a mask. If you follow the herd, you might just walk off the cliff.

Freddy Krueger face mask

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