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On this day of Rosh Hashanah and with the tragic passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, many of us have no interest in celebrating Octoberfest. I was in Munchen in my twenties. The opera was excellent. I remember the Glockenspiel and the the Old Painting Gallery. I forget how to spell it. I was there in summer with bier but no Oktoberfest.

  • If we can never be there nothing is stopping us from watching your travels through Germany Octoberfestivities while hoisting a few Wolfenbrau Pilsners or Becks in a Large Beer Stein along with Saurbratuen, Weinershitzel, or Rollatin and of course a large hot pretzel with lots of Mustard!
  • Coming up with a German dinner menu as we speak. Last went to Oktoberfest in 1977, and we were scheduled to be there next week. for talking our tour guide Jennifer Gouge into fitting a stop at the Oktoberfest in on our Best of Europe trip. Many amazing experiences on that trip 10 years ago but I really appreciated the effort Jennifer put into showing all us travel neophytes how it is done. Here she is showing how you get a table in a busy tent. Prost!

Went waaay toooo hard on the first day and paid for it the rest of the week! We are hoping to get redemption some year soon! My family moved to Munich about a year ago. Even though Oktoberfest is cancelled this year, we’re still seeing the traditional foods appear in the grocery stores

and today I must have seen at least a half dozen small groups of people wearing traditional clothing (dirndl, lederhosen, etc) while I was on the Ubahn this morning. The Hopfisterei is selling giant pretzels, and Rischart is stocked with Vanilla Krapfen. It’s not a normal year, but there are small pieces of the celebration that will continue regardless.

Galen – in what part of Munich did you land? I’m not an expert (yet) but I’d be happy to pass along some of my hard-won information, if it would be of any interest or use!


FC Bayern Munich UEFA Champions League shirt,tank top, hoodie

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