Fast and Furious 20th Anniversary 2001-2021 shirt, tank top, hoodie


Fast and Furious 20th Anniversary 2001-2021 shirt

Buy it now  Fast and Furious 20th Anniversary 2001-2021 shirt, tank top, hoodie

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The greatest series of all time, except for the last season. It was a major letdown and had to be for the actors too. They worked too hard for such a rushed, strange ending. not all the kids have mild symptoms. I know some of kids that have it from UNC and they are very sick. Also if I’m not mistaken some of the ministration is suing UNC so it’s not quite as easy just to go back to class as you guys make it out to be. My son is a freshman at Clemson, and I’m so relieved that they started virtually and delayed move in until at least mid-September. I am terrified for my friends who have moved their children in to other schools. Allison Johnson Mackey they were smart. A lot of our K-12 systems did the same and our county didn’t. I have said all along they are waiting for us to crash and burn before deciding not to return. my son started school yesterday face to face five days a week. We received a call yesterday that a staff member received positive results yesterday and now every staff member that was in contact with that person has been sent home to quarantine. He lost two teachers in one day! it is just inevitable, and I feel like the instability of certain groups quarantining with no notice will be far more disruptive than having a solid virtual plan. I know that it is terribly difficult for some parents to have their kids out of school. If they had simply asked teachers, we could have shared the multitude of ideas that we have for how this could work. I just feel like we are going to force this to happen and people are going to get sick, people are going to die, and then we will have to close schools and scramble to make a plan like we did in the Spring.
















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