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Courtney, you look amazing and it doesn’t matter the sex as long as he or she is healthy. You both will love this child more then you ever would think you could love a person. Stay Healthy. Boy or girl it doesn’t matter. You 2 will be terrific parents. And I have a feeling some day boy/girl will be driving some kind of race car. Congratulations to both of you.

  • I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl!I’m sending love and prayers for a healthy blessed labor and delivery and recovery!For you mamma beautiful Courtney and beautiful baby Rahal/Force!GB you both!In jesus name I pray,
  • Amen A little bundle of GIRL. Cant wait to see this little one. The bub will be so beautiful, look at you guys so proud already. Love to you all. You look amazing, it’s nice to see that there are people out there that want to wait for the gender. I wish you good wishes for a healthy baby and a safe delivery.
  • You look awesome, not even like you are 9 months pregnant. I hope you have a girl but as long as mom and baby are healthy that is all that matters. You dont even look like you are that far along. Glad you are allowing the gender to be a surprise. I did not know with my first but my second told us all that she was a girl without a doubt.

Gratulation’s boy or they are a blessing.But if a girl grandpa John I bet he will have a shot gun by the way my son and myself were in Phoenix when you miss your prom he wanted to ask you for a dance but I told him that you had to much on your mine, since that day he been your Number one fan.

I think natural radiation plays a big role in aging. It’s everywhere and assails us constantly, from space and from beneath our feet. Eventually our DNA starts breaking down faster than our bodies can repair it. Not to mention the free radicals we inadvertently put into our bodies through bad diet. Considering everything it’s a wonder that we live as long as we do.

Deck the halls with skull and bodies Falalalala Valhalla Christmas shirt,tank top, hoodie

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