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You guys are so wonderful, he is just so precious, I pray you find someone real soon to escort him and adopt him!! If we didn’t have our rescued cats, who were traumatized by some dogs and a yard, we would love him so I know he will find a forever home very soon, he is just too adorable!

  • I hope this precious dog finds a great loving home as he deserves!! It breaks my heart to hear about dogs being abused. People should go to jail and experience the cruelty they gave out!!
  • Some of these stories about the horrible way these dogs are abused, I can’t even bare to watch. Evil people in this world! Thank God there are some people who rescue them, heal them and find them a loving home.
  • When we were last in Mexico, we saw many dogs similar to this condition in the Yucatan while we were on an excursion to a couple Mayan ruin sites. It broke my heart and haunts me to this day. Also so sad he only had/has a towel on the concrete to lay on.

Thank goodness for people like you. What a gorgeous dog he is and its amazing that dogs are so forgiving. I would love to have him but we live in the Netherlands. I hope he gets a good home soon. So sad that disgusting people would abandon a beautiful dog & leave him starving. Sooo happy that he was rescued. Some people don’t deserve to have a loving dog.

I cant stop crying looking at poor baby it just break my heart.Place find him a good home where he can be love and be safe, Thank God there’s people out there like you guys I just can’t understand why people would treat somebody or even animals like that

Bless Maya and Jerry for rescuing sweet Bello from the jungle and bringing him to Playa Animal Rescue! To see the transformation of this energetic boy from practically a walking skeleton to a happy, playful, healthy pupper is beautiful! I hope Bello won’t have to wait too long to move to Canada and his loving, forever home.

Elm Street Coffee Never Sleep Agian Est 1984 shirt, hoodie, tank top

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