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I guess he forgot this is God’s house, not his. Pure arrogant jerk. Needs to be reminded God loves all his children . I hope he is reprimanded. Parents should have put him in his place.

  • I hope the parents don’t turn away from the church because of the pathetic behavior of one priest. Not one but parents in the church. Catholic church has lost its good name. To many things have come out what has happened to the children. He sounds like someone that should not be around children.
  • God will find that the Priest is also a distraction when he arrives at the gates and send him on his way to another destination. What is he doing in this position if he don’t know about autisum. This is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. If he has no more patience than this he has no need to be in this position. Poor children in his congregation.
  • Priests are men. They aren’t God. Don’t give up your religion because of an ignorant priest. Bring him some literature on the boy’s condition. Then tell the priest you’re attending a different church. I’d also contact the diocese
  • So wrong of this priest. Cannot imagine a man of God acting like this. He did not even apologize when situation was explained to him. The church may be sorry this happened but do not think that very mean priest cares

Not everyone wearing a vestment looking like a priest is holy and pious…his horrible behaviour is not an excuse that he did not know the child was autistic…that means he would do the same for a normal child…and they preach on love, tolerance, compassion and acceptance

Wrong to do that I had it happen to me because my son was crying never went back but I told him off first. Shame on him. He didn’t even bother to find out why the boy was playing . Actually he should of been able to see he was special needs.

That “priest” is NOT a man of God in any way shape or form!! I too have had a priest be more tham cruel! They should not be allowed to preach in any way shape or form

Easily distracted by music and liquor poster

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