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Thank you soo much bts we love you soo much
Just music video released and my mood was like dynamite
Such an awesome video made me smile soo much and end was amazing

  • BTS hyungs thank you for all of your efforts, determination and hardwork for making such a fantastic song(DYNAMITE) that really helps us ARMY’S to still be happy and bomb all the bad things(such as sadness/depression, stress, Covid-19, etc.) And for all of you to know that we(ARMYS) really appreciated and loved your new song “Dynamite” and I’m sure that all of this that I said is what also ARMY’S want to tell you
  • Jin apart from being handsome has a spectacular voice, jin needs more lines, take Jin into account, he deserves more prominence I hardly ever see him in the MVs, that has to change
  •  This B-side MV showed us their beautiful and fun moments while they’re doing this music video. This is BTS literally being themselves. Indeed BTS is our whole serotonin boost. I loved this B-side MV! It was so nice to see them smiling and goofing around and we got so many more Jin solo shots too.  You guys are definitely meeting your goal & spreading positive energy to the world!

I love it that BigHit showed us the B-side of the amazing song Dynamite by BTS!  Is is weird that I perhaps prefer the B-side more than the official MV haha? x3 It almost feel more charming and more ‘BTS’ to see them fool around, dance and make a few mistakes while dancing/filming . We also got so much Jin which I’m totally here for!

Hey BigHit Entertainment we have noticed that in the dynamite remix the voice of SeokJin has been deleted , please we would like them to upload it again but with the voice of Seokjin included, bts are 7

This is wonderful, but also there is something important. We all know that Sokjin is a member of this group and he also has rights like the rest of the members. You have to be fair among the rights of the members. The army cannot conceal this issue because we all know his position and importance in this group.

Dynamite BTS signatures shirt, tank top, hoodie

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