Dwight Schrute Looking Through A Window face mask


Dwight Schrute Looking Through A Window face mask

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From what I see they’ve only made a simple statistical error, which doesn’t seem to matter because other studies who DID randomized sampling came away with similar conclusions. YouTube censors any ideas that conflict with WHO directives. I understand the globalist support of each other, but the WHO has been so wrong throughout this pandemic that it is refreshing to hear other opinions. Thankfully we didn’t follow their advice when we initiated the first travel ban in January. would it have changed anything? All they explained WBA’s how immunology works. I only was able to catch one dr. The video of both I didn’t see. It didn’t say what to do it explained how immunology works and if you have a healthy immune system you build antigens if you don’t then you need to be much more careful. And how eliminating all viruses and bacteria decrease your natural antibodies. That is all factual. Fauci & Birx have been WRONG from the beginning of this and no medical association is calling them out on it. These two doctors did their own research and now they are ostracized . Deleting them is wrong!!!!Freedom of speech!!! Let the people make their own decisions whether there right or wrong!
Made more sense than anybody I’ve heard so far! Yep and there are people who support this censorship -they will someday have a questionable subject come up and Guess What-Poof before their very eyes debunked as False no matter what opening a rebellion door. Bottom line is this: Do you own yourself or are you government property in which you are subject to the commands of your ‘representatives’ ? I’m against censorship, but if your study model would lead you to conclude from the death rate there to be more infected in New York than there are actual people, it’s clearly wrong. Their tests have too many false positives.


















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