Sleeping with the Dungeon Master shirt, hoodie, tank top


Sleeping with the Dungeon Master hoodie

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You used the dreaded word only, it’s benign, unless one of those only’s belongs to you. A lot of those in the 98% are going to be fine, like you say, but how many are they going to expose that aren’t going to be fine? This is just me,but if wearing a mask or distancing in any way might keep someone safe, why not? I also get my flu shot ever year and haven’t had the flu, we are not all going to get it even if it is a virus. Have a safe day! yes there will be probably over 400k deaths by year end and probably 35-40 million affected at 1 time or another. Our bodies have to get use to this virus. We can’t hide in our house, you can get it from a delivery person or person that package food at the plant.. thing is, we have to move on in life and accept and deal with this. there isn’t anything to do but wait two weeks. There isn’t medicine, there isn’t therapy for breathing. Nothing and more nothing. Have many many questions and no one can give me answers. The CDC will call me back in 7 days to check on me…I am calling friends to call and check up on me n case I pass out. I live alone which is good to a point but what ifs are kinda driving me crazy. All that I can do is pray… So what if you do… bashing the President for it and telling people to keep their kids in school is just your lame opinion.. and having your redneck boyfiend Peter send me PMs with threats won’t help you or him also Kim Dykes fyi my daughter works in health care tested positive with no symptoms,yet not one other person in her home tested positive.(all tested).we all still had our family Sundays.kayak trips ect.reported this to our health department as was told to do,reported this to my employer and was told by BOTH DONT WORRY ABOUT IT GO ABOUT OUR BUSINESS AS NORMAL.that was a month ago noone else got this not my other health at risk daughter or my 78 yr.old mother.i call bullshit to this FAKEASS political bullshit.

















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