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How do you accomplish as much as he did? This is what bothers me is you make stupid comments that’s just gossip. hard to believe you think he hasn’t done more to stop human trafficking. And all presidents are influence by the people around them. So what if his actions were encouraged by Ivanka. It’s still a good thing!

  • “This year’s price of $2.33/gallon is the fourth lowest on the graphic. However, I would acknowledge that President Trump probably had more impact on this price than Bush or Obama had on the other low prices.”
  • This man been running a con game for four years that all about to come a end.he can get on the news and cry foul all he want he need to acting like a real president, I refuse to vote for a pedophile. Omg the entire world is laughing at us? Oh damn I’m so worried and embarrassed right now lol not the whole world trust me there are more trump supporters in Asia and other countries than you think. Anyway continue supporting that pedophile, the cheat and the big liar.
  • silly person, you don’t live in America. How could you Think you see anything other than what state TV let’s you See? He has been a fat, enormously lazy and parasitical enemy of the American people at every step. He’s basically an organized crime boss and has stolen enormous amounts from taxpayers in his short and massively damaging stint. Please learn more about reality if you want to comment.

your cult adherence is saddening – I’ve seen nothing like it since the 1990s cult from California’s Heaven’s Gate where an elderly dying man convinced his personality cult followed to commit suicide with him. Do you remember? You’re just like that.

Mr. President, I believe that you need to do a National recount of all votes… to weed out grave yard votes and to display the corruption of the democrats. And hold those that gave false poll wins accountable for their actions! Might as well do a redo election, 1 day to vote 1 day to count , show ID and vote no ID no vote, no mail in , no early voting, every foresaken country has same day voting same day counting, so can we

there is corruption there , thats why, they have to make sure the ballots match the signature , they have to make sure that the individuals that are on the ballots are who they say they are , and we have to verify if they are American citizen or just hired random people yo fill out ballots

If everything is under control You are just not driving fast enough Moto Racing poster

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