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call my dear friend, the mother of a terminally ill child, a “libtard,” and now, I am at fault. Free speech goes both ways, you’ve clearly shown to the world. There are far more of us that believe in kindness than hate. And FYI, I spent twenty minutes on my stalking rebuttal and you have not crossed my mind since then, though this feels like an attack and I suggest you spend more time looking inward than threatening me. Didn’t you say that you worked at a law firm? What do they think about your hate filled rants?

  • Furthermore, Susan Margaret, it is you that has stalked me into Facebook! If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle. Now I know you went to Roanoke College and work at, which is advertising, not law. I am guessing you work in PR?
  • Sadly this is what our nation has come to. This isn’t solely the characteristic of one political party more than the other, it seems to be the chosen way across all affiliations. I see it just as frequently from one side of the aisle as the other. I find it very disheartening that we as adults cannot dialogue without going straight to the lowest form of insult and lack of willingness to listen and, at least try to, learn. I am far more conservative than liberal and I find it abhorrent when anyone responds in this way. People need to consider that the things they say and do are ONLY a reflection of their own character.
  •  I wish there was a shaking my head in digust emoji for dragonfly’s post. It is so sad to me that many people have absolutely no concern for others. Might be time to change your party affiliation—signed an eastern North Carolina mom of 3 and Special Education teacher of many
  • I’m not saying she is right… but .. everyone has a voice and that should not be censored … we can all think for ourselves, it’s what makes the world go around. ( sometimes in a square box ) but you get my drift.
  • I operate under the “be kind” rule. No one is required to reply to tweets of mothers who have terminally ill children. Censorship has a place perhaps as there is always an exception to the rule. Hitler?
I usually prefer polite discourse when it comes to discussing political differences. However, when you go after kids, especially those exceptional kids that go through life with a smile in spite of having special needs, as week as those that love them, you draw my ire! Susan @dragonfly needs to find another group to troll, preferably those is Washington that think this crappy piece of legislation is anything other than a trickle down tax cut!

Dragonfly They whispered to her you cannot withstand the storm she whispered back I am the storm poster

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