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I know the feeling. My Great Pyrenees is 11. He still uses his back legs, but it’s painful at times. God bless you.

  • My dog is not paralyzed, he has bone structure and pain problems so I swim with him. It has also helped speed up his injuries a bit afterwards. Mine too!
  • How wonderful. I am sure any of us would do whatever it takes to help our beloved pets. I certainly would. He is lucky to have a pool to be able to do this. I wish Kane a happy, pain free rest of life.
  • Incredible man who knows how to love and care for his pet. You can also see the love the pet has for him too
  • Amazing. Water therapy should be more available. At least here in coastal SC it seems like nobody has it.
  • He loved his dog so much that he had to try and help him. That’s love and devotion. The article said the water helped Kane and he was able to walk again. This is good news

Unconditional love I would do the same for my best friend he is my world what you give them is returned 100 fold so sad

Short story long, when my little sister was seven, I had my first child so we got her a dog. Tippy’s back legs became paralyzed. My mother put her in the bathtub and massage her back legs every day. I’m not real sure what all she did in that bathtub but tippy regained the use of her back legs. Lived a full and happy life.

I lost my 13 year old golden retriever this Monday past because of a herniated sacrum disc. after a year of doing everything i could to relieve the pain and lameness. She was the best, socialble, sporty, sweet and serious. My Cali is very much missed in our home.

My heart is broken, but I am helping my mom who has a pitbull rottweiller mix that has anxiety issues with other animals. So that helps. Maya is a good girl with humans but is fearful of other animals, so we do the walk, and learn to “be” while walking, next is learn to “be” with other animals. Slowly, but will will get there

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