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you’re about as funny as a $3 bill ,we the American people voted them in so they’re not squatters we welcome them there ,the rioters and looters are squatters, when you stop drinking the “stupid” kool-aid and can make a coherent statement that makes sense. re-write the statement above. It’s laughable actually.

  • you should just shut up sit down and wait for the REAL PEOPLE to take over the People’s House. He did not get voted in, Putin and the electoral college put him there……not voted in by the people. By the way, I would rather be funny than an idiot like you
  • You act like she personally dug up the garden! Its the Gardners that did it! Omg get a frigan life and stop complaining about idiocy! It was not meant to be changed , the garden was beautiful before , She should have left it olone ,,, , This is what is called Karma ,,, just some thing else ruined by the Trumps ,
  • Trump Destroyed Jackie and Michelle’s gorgeous gorgeous garden that other wonderful for us ladies helped maintain, I really have a feeling Melanie didn’t use the backhoe & lay the pipes in to put the drainage system in BUT who knows maybe!!

Replanting of the crab apple trees is a LIE. It is very labor intensive to transplant an old fully grown tree. You would have to dig up most of the root system. Since all of it cannot be recovered, the top part must be trimmed back so the tree needs less. Chances are it will die.

Its these posts that make me glad i am voting republican. Can not believe the pettiness of the democratic party. My 3 yr old is more mature, Oh, come on! Haven’t you got other things to worry about. The repairs will be made and you know it!!! Really!!

I wish all the families that are losing their loved ones and report children that are going without food and you’ve got the guts to complain about that. Get real, It should have been left alone to start with. She destroyed the history of the rose garden that the former First Ladies created over the years. Makes me sick that some people have more money than sense.

Easily distracted by garden and wine poster

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