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You’re concerned about the tax returns of a billionaire in office under 4 years who is donating his pay but not concerned about politicians in office for 20-50 years that have become multimillionaires and billionaires, making a salary Diane Thieke Bousum – They want Socialism, the idea which floated around since 1920 and so many US Administrations fought against it. Hope it was not in vain. excuse me. I was never in opposition of what Pelosi and Schumer has been attempting to do. Please check the history of my messages so you can get a clear understanding of what I have stated because I have definitely mentioned some of the things you have stated. Please verify comments and posts before you send out comments. Thank you for your time. are you still believing that old story? After being told by trumps own son that most of their money was coming from Russia right before the election? This man lives on foreign loans… He such a bad risk that American banks will not loan him money anymore… He’s hiding his taxes from you because he does not want you to see the truth… Many many politicians come from wealthy families or married millionaires… You might want to look into that before you start accusing them of anything Ridiculous items like taking pork barrel spending for cronies, wealthy tax loopholes, mismanaged state bailouts, total amnesty for illegal aliens and criminals, and mailing ballots to every household regardless of citizenship status? Why can’t anybody on this thread see that they’re being manipulated? You call people cheaters, when this man is obviously cheating by working with Russia and manipulating the mail…
You question other politicians finance as well not accepting the proven truth about his and his foreign loans. Why are you doing anything he tells you to do? When you can find these answers for yourself instead of arguing amongst each other.
















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