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We were not “ ugly American tourists” and never said a word. Just complimented them on our arrangements. So in the land of utmost quaintness, exists all the reality of everyday life—as I years later spent a few seasons of my life being awaken by my crying children at 3am

  • We were so fortunate to have stayed at the Cinque Terre 15 years ago . We chose to stay there based on the vivid descriptions in Rick Steves travel Italy book. It is one of the most special experiences I have had in my 50+ years
  • One of my fondest memories from our trip through Europe almost 20 years ago (using Rick Steves books!) was picking up a pizza and a bottle of wine to enjoy down at the Riomaggiore harbor while watching the sun set. Magical!!
  • Loved visiting the Cinque Terre and I am doing a puzzle right now of a scene much like this photo. Making it through these different times with memories of wonderful RS and other trips around our wonderful the world.

Can’t wait to go back! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images of some of my favorite parts of the world. Great memories and looking forward to bring able to make more again.

We were there last Fall. Stayed in Monterosso and loved it. Did the hike, visited all 5 towns, laid on the beach, swam in the Mediterranean, ate wonderful seafood meals…. One of my absolute favorite places. We stayed in Manarola at a quaint Airbnb where there was wine made by the host waiting in our fridge. Delightful.

You can take a boat from Riomaggiore to the next town named Portovenere (pictured) where old castles meets cobblestone streets lined with lots of shops and restaurants. Men play water polo by the port while many young adults bask in the sun on the boulders pictured.

Loved hiking from town to town in 2013, but part of the trail was closed. It was in August and very hot. Would love to spend more time there. My copy of the new book will be delivered on Monday. Can’t wait!!!


Deez Nuts shirt,tank top, hoodie

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