Personalized My First Mother’s Day Wood Frame | Customizable Picture Frames


Personalized My First Mother's Day Wood Frame | Customizable Picture Frames

Buy it now  Personalized My First Mother’s Day Wood Frame | Customizable Picture Frames

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This is a hollow speech for those of us with Native American heritage who have seen history repeat itself again and again. There is no going back, no retribution for the destruction of a community, the blatant stealing of land, but these are bygones. That Native American communities still have virtually no access to healthcare, no ICU capabilities, and therefor Covid 19 death tolls exponentially higher than any other microcosm of society makes this rhetoric just that – a disgraceful example of a campaign strategy that has nothing to do with caring about or supporting Native American people or culture. “Instead, the agreement imposes a number of requirements that the president must meet if he “decides to serve as an officer or director of a pre-existing charitable organization” — or “form a new charitable organization and serve as an officer or director thereof” — in New York. For example, if Trump were to start a new organization, he would need to “provide Annual Reports to the Attorney General for 5 years.” nice try! A President that donates his salary to a charity every month, who has lost almost a billion dollars of net worth to be treated like crap by the lame stream media and so many ungrateful pieces of work. sure, the Asshole donates $425 grand a year but spends $40 million a year on golf. I assume you don’t need a calculator that says he’s taking about 10 times what he’s giving. That’s just one of his many numbered gifts to himself and the trump organization from the American people.and how much did obama spend on golf and trips to martha’s vineyards? How much has every president spent on vacations? Stop being an idiot your fake as the lame stream media is.

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