Dad I’m glad I wasn’t just a wank Happy father’s day mug


Dad I'm glad I wasn't just a wank Happy father's day mug

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Postal votes are the norm in most developed democracies. What you have is a slimmy President desperately trying to keep his grip on power – and prepared to ignore all checks and balances. Don’t be fooled by this grub – it is all about him not you. We went from a forecast of millions of deaths, to slow the curve, flatten the curve, and now, a vaccine. Meanwhile churches are closed, liquor stores are open (liquor decimates our body’s immune system by the way) and casinos are essential.
Schools need to be closed even though children are, remarkably, well-equipped at fighting off the virus and rarely even show symptoms. you can’t build herd immunity when the Covid19 antibodies disappear within 15 days. Social distancing and masks are our best defence – there is no other effective strategy right now. Obama is the great deceiver but never worked on me. He’s been a radical his entire life. Anti conformist he followed alinsky and the radical socialist his entire life and people bought his bs audacity of hope crap. If your pro abortion that tells me all I need to know. Let’s be clear – Trump’s calls for a delay is deflection. He knows he cannot delay the inevitable landslide defeat that he thoroughly deserves as he is the most corrupt, incompetent and ridiculed Leader of any Nation anywhere at any time. He spouted this delay crap when he knew the current (and disastrous) quarter GDP figures were going to be announced and he wanted to divert attention from that. Before you accuse me of being a Leftie I am not but I cannot understand how anyone can defend this obnoxious, mysogynistic, moron who is Putin’s bitch and Xi has him by the balls. Go on Trumpers – present a decent, intelligent argument as to why the biggest American serial killer and his incompetent Administration deserve another four more years. Spare me the insults as it just highlights your stupidity in voting for Chump.

















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