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Crown Royal Hawaiian shirt

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They won’t tell you numbers on recovery!!! Or is the new cases?? We’re they wearing mask? Huh!!! People are getting over it in 3-4days!!! It’s like the flu!! But they won’t tell you that!!! O! You can test positive and never get sick! The President is not cry baby , but you Liberal and progressive demonstrations every day how needy and emotional you all are, with a gaint size of aggressive and rude and unwilling to anything else. Why are we running trillion-dollar deficits every year of the economy so good? We shouldn’t be run Philly another deficits of the economy so good??? The reason why we’re running trillion-dollar deficits every years because Trump and all his billionaire friends got together and decided to write themselves a giant tax break! That tax break did nothing for the middle class! Incomes for the middle class under Trump has went nowhere! Plus he’s trying to cut benefits for poor people! He’s trying to cut benefits for poor people to pay for all the tax breaks for all his billionaire crook friends! For your information or did you forget Barry Obama ran up the deficit more then all the previous presidents combined. As far as taxes you are all wrong. The tax break helped Everyone! You are in denial and have TDR Trump Derangement Syndrome. do you really know how ridiculous you sound likes it’s his fault he closed travel with China Nancy Pelosi and the retards democrats threatened legal action my god people it’s a dam shame you can’t buy common sense at the 7/11!!! Next thing ya know Trump will be blamed for the brain disorder that AOC has. Democrat!!!! Your Democratic Party seem’s to be the Party of Hate, Lie’s, and division!!! They give their liberal media the talking point’s they want you to hear and say everyday! The Democrat’s and their liberal media repeat on all their liberal station’s the same lie’s to their viewer’s!!! Communist Countries do the same thing!!!! I call it brainwashing!!! Sad and Pathetic! Helen, have a good day!

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