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Here’s what I have learned: If someone on the right disagrees, they believe you are mistaken. If someone on the left disagrees, they believe that you are evil. Watch them shun their own if they stray from the narrative. The minute someone believes that you have evil motives, honest argument is through.

  • As someone who used to be on the right that is now on the left and live in an area largely dominated by the left, I can tell you that your assessment is incorrect. Seek understanding and try again.
  • Andy is correct. My entire huge family if six siblings, countless nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles and parents – all extremely left wing progressives. Whenever I disagree, even mildly, I get such unbelievable hostility. They dump in anyone who thinks from a conservative position. I’ve been told I’m immoral for wanting control of our borders, for example. But my conservative friends welcome discussions and never point the finger or try to shame the other side. Andy is correct. Ask yourself a question: which side is doing all the doxxing?
  • Absolutely correct. Its the reason why a statement like “Make America Great Again” is considered racist/mysoginist/homophobic etc… Logic says, “but women/people of color/LGBT live in this country so why wouldn’t they want this country to be great?” But if the goal is simply to villinify their opponents, there is no discussion and these leaps in judgment are considered a fair way to proceed.

I am on the right and I believe the left is evil. Democrats threaten the nation with literal slavery and death. I don’t care if they have good intentions or not, they are still evil. One flaw in this article is that quite a few (maybe the majority) of pro- choicers actually KNOW that it is an innocent life,

whether they are committed to arguing against that truth for the appearance of a “better” argument or not. The issue lies in the fact that they prioritize the mother’s life over the child’s. They are willing to accept child sacrifice for the mother’s freedom (from responsibility).

The part where he laid out the pro-choice argument was interesting. Most of us can safely agree that abortion will not be made illegal so the pro-life argument has more to do removing taxpayers complicity in the act through subsidization. Also while I can agree that the use of force to comply is wrong there is no mention of personal accountability or responsibility for choices and their consequences.

Cowgirl Assuming I’m just an old lady was your first mistake shirt, hoodie, tank top

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